Government Investigations

As a defense attorney in private practice since 1999 Jeff Pine represents companies, other organizations and individuals in a broad range of government investigations. His cases include investigations involving accounting, banking, government contracting, health care, insurance, money laundering, public corruption, securities, trade secret and technology-related matters. These investigations arise out of both state and federal law enforcement offices, and because of Mr. Pine's experience with both police and prosecutors, he gets involved with all aspects of an investigation.

Jeffrey B. Pine Esq. PC serves the needs of clients who become the subject of ever-increasing governmental investigative actions that focus on businesses and individuals. In today's enforcement environment it is often the client who has the burden of demonstrating compliance, rather than requiring the government to prove culpability. The importance of responding expeditiously and professionally to allegations of impropriety has increased dramatically, as the consequences have become severe and the line separating civil and regulatory infractions from criminal offenses has become blurred.

Former Attorney General Jeffrey Pine represents clients involved in regulatory, civil and criminal investigations by federal and state governments, conducts internal and external investigations and advises clients on a broad range of compliance-related matters.



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