Criminal Defense

I handle every type of criminal case, including drug offenses, weapons charges, embezzlement and theft crimes, DWI and criminal motor vehicle charges, juvenile crimes, domestic violence, white-collar and federal crimes, armed robbery, sex offenses, and murder.

Some examples of the work I do every day:

Drunk Driving & Related Offenses
I provide aggressive defense in DUI cases, Breathalyzer Refusal cases and related charges. I have an excellent record in cases that I have brought to trial in these areas. Over the years I have also provided defense representation to clients charged with:
  • Vehicular Homicide for causing an accident while driving drunk which results in death
  • Driving to Endanger Death/Injury Resulting
  • Other alcohol-related motor vehicle offenses
Sexual Assault
I handle the defense of all types of sexual assault charges. I have been very successful in defending these allegations and because of my experience I have handled cases where charges were dismissed. These are among the most serious charges that prosecutors can bring. No matter what the charge, you will ultimately need an attorney who is prepared to aggressively defend you at trial -- an attorney who has the experience and skill necessary to put you in the best possible position for acquittal. Having prosecuted these cases for many years, I know how best to defend against these charges. Rest assured that if you retain me, I will properly handle the sensitive nature of these allegations. I will stand ready to defend you both inside and outside the courtroom.

Domestic Violence
If you are charged with domestic assault and battery, or violation of a restraining order, or any other type of domestic violence, you should hire an attorney who is experienced in dealing with the complicated nature of these cases; who knows how the system works and who can get the best results for their clients.

Drug Offenses
I have successfully defended against narcotics charges at every stage and at the state and federal level. I have successfully filed and argued motions to suppress and dismiss, and have won forfeiture cases when the police seize your valuable assets when executing a search warrant. If you have been charged with possession or distribution of narcotics -- or if you feel you may be investigated for these offenses -- you need to retain an experienced and well-qualified attorney as soon as possible.

Embezzlement and Theft Crimes
I have represented numerous clients who have been charged with embezzlement, and have achieved outstanding results for people charged with large-sum theft crimes.

"My experience as a prosecutor and as Attorney General makes me uniquely qualified in Rhode Island and Massachusetts to represent people charged with crimes. Having practiced criminal defense for almost 10 years, I have dealt with every type of criminal case at the state and federal level, from misdemeanors involving and assault or a driving offense, to capital offenses such as sexual assault and homicide.

When I am retained by a client who is being investigated or is charged with an offense, I know that for that person it is the most important case in the world, and I treat all my clients with respect and work diligently on their case, knowing how important it is.

I am proud of the results that I can achieve for my clients - from outright acquittals or dismissals to favorable resolutions at the pretrial stage. My experience as a prosecutor and my years of trial work in the court system allow me to assess the weaknesses of a prosecution case and to emphasize the strengths from the defense perspective."
Jeff Pine



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